Guangdong Hengtai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in independent R & D, production and sales of outdoor lighting products.

        The company has a fully equipped LED testing laboratory, a professional IP waterproof testing laboratory, a large-scale LED product real exhibition hall, a modern dust-free assembly workshop, the introduction of automatic high-speed placement machine, lead-free computer-controlled reflow soldering machine, and the use of domestic advanced The automatic aging test equipment has a strong technical and management team, insists on independent research and development of a full range of products, and strictly implements the 6S enterprise management model. The company's products have passed CQC, CCC, CE, ROHS, 1SO9001 quality management system and other international quality system certifications. Each series of products have passed the quality inspection report issued by the National Lighting Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, laying a solid foundation for high-quality product quality.

        The company has a strong technical team that can provide professional customized products and customized solutions according to different project needs.

        As a customized brand in the industry, Guangdong Hengtai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. successfully helped the lighting of the Qingdao SCO Summit, and the Xi'an Qujiang overall lighting project that provided more than 50,000 lamps and lanterns successfully landed on the 19th Spring Festival Evening Special Program "year after year" . In the past year, Hengtai Lighting has successively completed the lighting of the 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Expo, the overall lighting of the Baishi Mountain Resort in Central China, the lighting of the three districts (Xipaipo) of Pingshan County, the night lighting of Luodai Ancient Town in Chengdu, and the night view of Anren Ancient Town. A batch of cultural tourism projects with characteristics such as Lianghua, Qinbi Village in China's villages, Taiyi Town, and overall Seda of Buddhist Seda. In 2019, Hengtai Lighting was selected as the main lighting supplier for the night scene lighting project of Xi’an Third Bridge Interchange and Shiqiao Interchange, which is known as the third in Asia. The completed lighting project of the Kunming Chi site (Hanwu Emperor Ship) has become a net red punching spot.

        In the future, Hengtai will not disappoint the opportunities given by the times to our history, insist on ingenuity to create quality products, go hand in hand with partners, and jointly create a magnificent blueprint for the light, culture and tourism!


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