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2020-05-15 15:52:43

  Source: Yan Zhixiang, original author of China Lighting Network

  In the city of night scene lighting, the value of lighting is more and more valued by the public. In order to make valuable lighting, not only do we rely on the skillful hands of lighting designers, but also the lighting manufacturers need to pay enough attention to the details of products. As an enterprise with passion and pursuit for products, Guangdong Hengtai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hengtai lighting") devotes itself to every product quality and technical link in the product production process, and constantly realizes its own brand value in the city night lighting.


  Hengtai lighting booth

  In this Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the reporter of China Lighting Network interviewed Zhang Bo, chairman of Hengtai lighting on the spot, to deeply understand every positive energy action of this quality enterprise.


  Zhang Bo (middle), general manager of Hengtai lighting, interviewed by China lighting.com

  Simple and high-quality products appear in the exhibition hall and pour out the way to create the ultimate quality

  In the glass display cabinet of Hengtai lighting booth, the reporter saw a number of unique outdoor lighting lamps. In order to further understand the production characteristics of Hengtai outdoor lighting, Zhang Bo introduced three products to reporters:


  Hengtai lighting circular projection lamp series products

  The round floodlight series products adopt the extremely simple style in the appearance design, adhering to the current industry trend of small size and high power product production concept. In such appearance features, under the condition that the heat dissipation requirements are met, the diameter of 18W lamp body can be controlled at 120mm; the diameter of 36W lamp body can be controlled at 150mm, which is the smallest size in the industry. With these innovative application features, the series of products solve the installation problems in specific areas of the project construction, showing high-quality light effect.


  Hengtai lighting cube series square projection lamp

  Magic square series square projection lamp is the product series of Hengtai lighting with great creativity in appearance. This series of products are divided into two categories: one is the 36W ordinary cube product, the other is the small cube product. All Hengtai lighting Rubik's cube series square projection lamps also follow the extremely simple route in the appearance design, abandoning all redundant accessories except the lamp body, and visually making the whole lamp simple, flat and without any more texture. At the same time, the light source and power supply of this series of products are independently installed in the lamp body, with independent heat dissipation, and the double chamber structure is waterproof, meeting the protection level requirements of customers for the lamp body IP67. The exquisite design of the shape, the perfect use of functions, so that the cube series of square projection light to bring night scene high-quality lights.


  Customized wall washing lamp of Hengtai lighting

  Customized series of wall washing lamp is a customized series product formed by Hengtai lighting company through comprehensive research on outdoor lighting engineering and continuous optimization after practical experience.

  Xi'an Qujiang overall lighting - more than 30000 sets of customized series wall washing lamps in the "Datang no night city project" are provided by Hengtai lighting company, and with excellent lighting effect, the project successfully helped the CCTV's "year after year" TV program on New Year's Eve in 2018, which helped to improve the cultural and tourism nightscape GDP of Xi'an, a red city on the Internet.

  Behind the successful appearance of four featured products in Hengtai lighting customized series in Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition, Hengtai lighting design, R & D, production and testing team has made unremitting efforts to create high-end products. Founder Mr. Zhang Bo told reporters: Hengtai lighting product quality control strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, adhering to the principle of quality first and service first.

  Hengtai lighting company has its own professional lighting research and development laboratory and equipped with a full range of testing equipment. The product process can be roughly divided into: raw material testing → optical and optical efficiency testing → electrical performance testing → IP waterproof testing → product aging → product after-sales tracking. The strict and scientific production process system ensures the reliable stability of lamps. The whole series of products of Hengtai Lighting Co., Ltd. are self-developed private model products. In the process of product development, we must pass the most rigorous and rigorous tests in the lighting industry, such as double 85 constant temperature and humidity, salt fog test, UV test, spray test, cold and hot shock test, surge test, etc., which have been comprehensively tested for more than 2000 hours, so as to make Hengtai lighting outdoor lighting lamps show the highest quality.

  In order to inject more high-tech elements into the products, Hengtai lighting also strengthened cooperation with universities in product development. According to Mr. Zhang Bo, Hengtai lighting has built a research and development team with more than 15 years of experience in product research and development. It has also established scientific research links with famous universities in Guangdong, and has received a large number of technical guidance in lamp design and electrical performance. It has also created a series of innovative products in combination with market demand to improve product performance and stability. With such efforts, until 2018, the number of development of Hengtai lighting mold reached 47 sets, 9 practical patents, 3 invention patents and 26 appearance patents, which confirmed the practical help of school enterprise cooperation to Hengtai lighting.

  Beautify the night scene of cultural tourism with lights and build a new blueprint for the future with actions

  For outdoor lighting manufacturers, the application effect of a series of lighting projects is an important standard to test the value of their products. In order to let the reporter feel the brand value of Hengtai lighting more intuitively, Zhang Bo introduced five distinctive engineering cases to the reporter:


  Application effect of Hengtai lighting products in the whole lighting project of Qujiang in Xi'an

  In the overall lighting project of Qujiang in Xi'an, Hengtai lighting uses high-quality lights to restore the magnificent and beautiful color of the night of the capital of Tang Dynasty. In the night city of Tang Dynasty, Hengtai lighting makes use of new technology and new light source in lighting mode. By adding floodlighting to the landscape and building, it highlights the beauty of material and unique structure of the building with the contrast of color temperature and light and shade of light, creates a heavy and majestic classical style of the building in the period of Tang Dynasty, and highlights the theme of "night Chang'an, new Qujiang". In the South and North Square of Dayan Pagoda, Qujiang Lake Heritage Park and other scenic spots, Hengtai lighting also beautifies the night scene for sculptures, buildings, bridges and other buildings through basic lighting, so as to feast the eyes of the leisure citizens and tourists. On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, although the weather in Qujiang New District of Xi'an is very cold, the tourist attractions are still full of people, which shows the value of Hengtai's lighting contribution.


  Application effect of Hengtai lighting products in lighting of Beijing World Horticultural Exposition

  In the lighting project of Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, Hengtai lighting, as a linear product supplier of low level lighting of the project, is applied to the low level lighting part of the project to make stone benches, steps and horticultural plants look more beautiful in the night than in the day through lighting, so as to make a value for the A1 level international horticultural exposition to show the most beautiful posture in front of night tourists around the world A proud effort.


  Application effect of Hengtai lighting products in the night scene lighting project of Xi'an Sanqiao interchange

  In the night scene lighting project of Xi'an Sanqiao interchange, Hengtai lighting has provided more than 20000 sets of various kinds of landscape lighting lamps for the three bridges and the stone bridge of the project. In the night, the lights are integrated with the surrounding modern buildings, and the ancient city of Xi'an also adds a bit of modern flavor in the tradition of night.


  Application effect of Hengtai lighting products in night scene lighting in three areas of Pingshan, Hebei Province

  In the night scene lighting project of Pingshan District III, Hebei Province, Hengtai lighting fully combines the local green ecological concept and red cultural characteristics, selects appropriate landscape lighting lamps and lanterns according to the local geographical environment and building structure, adopts comfortable lighting mode, and uses intelligent lighting control mode, which enriches the night tourists' different visual enjoyment of lights, and more importantly, the lighting equipment Maintenance and management bring convenience.


  Application effect of Hengtai lighting products in night scene lighting project of Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu

  In the night scene lighting project of Luodai Ancient Town in Chengdu, Hengtai lighting uses every inch of light full of historical and cultural background to tell every Hakka past to the night tourists here, and keep their pace of leaving in a hurry. After the completion of the project construction, the economic income of night tour in the scenic spot and surrounding areas has been continuously improved, so that the beautiful lights forged by Hengtai lighting can be transformed into tangible economic and cultural values.

  The perfect landing of a series of special products in large-scale outdoor lighting projects reflects Hengtai lighting's fast and attentive service to the owners and engineering companies. According to Zhang Bo, in the lighting project of CNNC science and Technology Park in Beijing that just took over, under the condition of very harsh on-site construction conditions, the project owner requires Hengtai lighting lamps to be hidden in the stone gap with a width of only 1.5cm and a depth of 6cm. After the lamps are installed, the effect of water-proof of lamps and stones should be realized at the same time. For the temporary high-intensity construction requirements, the rapid response team of Hengtai lighting in the project implementation immediately reflected the situation to the R & D and production departments, and quickly and timely ordered a new product, without delaying the progress of the project implementation for half a day.

  The establishment of quick response mechanism in the team lies in the formulation of each development plan of Hengtai lighting to prepare for the future and keep pace with the times, which embodies the universal values of this responsible enterprise. Zhang Bo said that looking forward to the future, Hengtai lighting will continue to adhere to the development path of independent research and development, independent design, and independent production, and increase the focus on customer experience, through the rapid response mechanism, to provide customers with more customized products. At the same time, Hengtai lighting will also increase personnel training. At present, 80% of the personnel of Hengtai lighting technology team have bachelor's degree and graduate's degree. For this reason, Hengtai lighting will establish "Promotion Fund" every year to let the technical team participate in the study and further study, hoping that their technical ability and vision will go up to a higher level on the original basis, and realize the win-win of their personal growth and enterprise development.

  Editor: Yan Zhixiang

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